Explore the study cases

The EUCANET Call for Best Policies&Practices (deadline 30th march) is an inquiry tool developed by the partnership to collect information and knowledge on international experiences and practices dealing with space transformation, reuse and redevelopment and intercepting the project main issues (citizens’ involvement, empowerment and activation).

Exploring the practices is intended as a way to learn more about how city agencies are acting or could act in the future, perhaps enlarging their missions, scope and praxis. In this sense the Call intends to use the collected knowledge to explore the Pact of Amsterdam, in order to investigate which kind of relationship is existing at the moment between the EU Urban Agenda contents, the City Agencies current role and the potential future development of these organizations.

For this reason the collected practices have been framed and organized according to the twelve Pact of Amsterdam priorities:

Inclusion of migrants and refugees

Air quality

Urban poverty

Housing affordability

Circular economy

Jobs and skills in the local economy

Climate adaptation (including green infrastructure solutions)

Energy transition

Sustainable use of land and Nature-Based solutions

Urban mobility

Digital transition

Innovative and responsible public procurement