Call for Best Policies&Practices

The EUCANET partnership is now starting a first nucleus of inquiry, devoted to investigate ongoing projects, experiences, practices and/or policies related to citizenship, inclusion, involvement and empowerment of communities through the urban transformation process. The outreach is focused on achieving  a better understanding of the role City Agencies can play in these kind of dynamics, anyway the submitted BP shouldn’t necessarily imply their presence (and/or an active role played by a City Agency).

Who can join this? Anyone! The Call for Best Policies&Practices is being circulated by EUCANET partners between local authorities, institutions, profit and no-profit organizations interested in showing how they practically work on the urban field, and committ to enlarge civic participation to the urban spatial processes.


What’s going to happen with the submitted information? The results of this outreach will be published on EUCANET project website, while a selection of the BP&P collection will be published on the second EUCANET E-Book and invited to participate to EUCANET final conference (Turin, december 2018).


Want to join our conversation? Submit your Policy/Practice!

How? An online form has been created - you can access it by clicking here.

Nota bene:
1.The final form shall be submitted in English only through the online tool.
2.In order to more easily work on the form off line and then upload the content once it 
is ready, you can download an editable version of the form (and a pdf version, 
to see how it is structured)
3.The final form shall be accompanied by a collection of images to be sent in a single 
package to (more details in the downloadable form).
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